video © Craig Murray

Nordra’s masterful ability to deconstruct musical structure in a language of industrial music and noise, alongside the alchemy of her live performance has led to her sharing the stage with artists of a psychotropic nature like beak>, Demdike Stare, SUMAC, Anthony Braxton, Yves Tumor, and OXBOW. The mostly devastating and always transcendental works of musician and sound artist Monika Khot have within them an almost orchestral dimension, with the appearance of each element having its place and purpose. The results give rise to an emotional and adventurous quality wielding her apparent dub, techno, and musique-concrète influences.

Born in 1992 in Virginia US to immigrants of the Karnataka region of India, Khot's mêlé of sonic exploration began with classical guitar study, computer music, and death metal. Deciding to relocate to Seattle WA US in 2014 she began avant-psych duo Zen Mother, which gave rise to harnessing her songwriting capabilities. In 2016, she began making music as Nordra, releasing all of her works to date on Aaron Turner and Faith Coloccia's label SIGE.

Nordra has performed her works at Donaufestival, Skaņu Mežs (Sound Forest) Festival, Timezones Festival, Pioneer Works, and more.

Khot has been recruited to play live with other artists including Daughters, Zola Jesus, Marissa Nadler, and Cassandra Jenkins.